Diamond Grading

Diamond Grading:

Our purpose is to provide accurate diamond grading to insure the best possible value for our customers.  We specialize in carefully selected, beautiful, high-quality diamonds. However, within the broad market we have the connections to supply any grade that fits your needs and budget. The Gemological Institute of America is the world’s foremost authority in gemology. Their diamond grading system is universal around the world. We have found that GIA terms can be somewhat manipulated according to opinion. Thus, we caution buyers to understand what each level means. Small differences can make big differences in cost.

Even with an independent lab certification the grades can be somewhat different depending on the lab. The most accurate labs following GIA terminology are the GIA and the AGS(American Gem Society).

How uncut diamonds become beautiful

An important factor in diamond beauty is the input of man and machine. The process is called the cut, or make. This action adds angles and facets that produce sparkle, brilliance and scintillation. After diamond is cut it acts as a gatherer and reflector of light. A diamond that is exactly proportioned, exactly symmetrical, and perfectly polished maximizes the amount of light (light performance), to display its inner beauty. Nature is fickel, two diamonds may be ideally cut, but will not demonstrate equally.

The cut in diamonds will vary due to the shape of the rough material, thus the final cut will be determined by that. As the cut is varied the light performance is compromised, then brilliance, sparkle and scintillation change accordingly.

Ideal Cut/Maximum Light Performance
Delivers the maximum light return and most beautiful diamonds.

Deep Cut
Often termed a nailhead, diamonds that are cut deep produce more carat weight, however, when that is done light is lost and a dark center appears.

Shallow Cut
Know as a fisheye, these diamonds are thin cut resulting in a unbalanced reflection and a glassy look. Light is lost through transparency. Thus when  particles collect on the lower 1/2 they show through and beauty is lost.

Light performance levels:

  • Brilliance (total light return)
  • Fire (colored light return, or dispersion)
  • Scintillation (sparkle)

Round-brilliant ideal-cut have the best light performance.

Tallmon’s also offers many other cuts.

When color is added:

  • Diamonds ability to return light is impaired
  • When diamonds fall below the faint-yellow range, beauty and value are both lowered.

Fancy-colored diamonds, including green, blue, red, pink, and fancy-yellow can be very valuable based on rarity.

Diamonds and carat weight

What is a point? A point is a unit of weight (100 points in a one carat diamond). In nature diamonds are found mostly in small sizes with larger sizes far less often. Since larger sizes are found less often the price for each point is more.

Some diamond cutters opt for maximum weight, rather than maximum beauty in order to keep the diamond heavy.

Natures fingerprints

The quantity, size, position and degree of imperfection in a cut diamond is called clarity. Perfect clarity is a diamond free from imperfection. Those diamonds exist very rarely in nature. As the size, position, and degree of imperfection grow they destroy the ability of the diamond to return light.


When they become visible to the naked eye the impact upon beauty becomes obvious, and value is severely reduced.

Clarity-enhanced diamonds are a diamond with an extra process. It is when an imperfection is filled with a microscopic amount of special material to raise the clarity grade. With this process diamonds can be as much as 30% less than a non-enhanced ones. The process is makes diamonds more affordable and is guaranteed for life. It can be detected with an orange flash of color or with high power (40X magnification).

Satisfaction guaranteed

Every diamond from Tallmon’s is accompanied with a written document that guarantees the quality grades to match GIA’s color, clarity, and carat weight designations.  Permanent trade in value is offered if you decide to trade up to a more valuable diamond.

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